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  • Auto Turntables

    When you’re launching a new product or revealing a new element of your business, making a powerful first impression is critical.  A dramatic, head-turning product reveal can leave an audience breathless. What better way to make a jaw-dropping first impression than with a large-scale rotating turntable?  There’ is something dazzling about seeing a hot new product spinning around slowly, showing off all sides.  And it doesn’t just work for products; it’s also a great way to introduce a speaker or presenter!

    Our turntables are the same powerful, stable models used for commercial effects.  They use heavy-duty electric motors to rotate just about anything you can put on them.  As powerful as they are, they run on normal AC power, so you don’t have to worry about renting a special generator or power supply.  They are extremely stable and durable, and they can be used in a wide variety of environments.

    The possibilities with an automobile turntable are endless. Imagine revealing your new product in that way.  The effect is even better when combined with a dramatic curtain-raising.  And if you want to get an audience really excited about a speaker, performer, or presenter, reveal them rotating on a turntable.  The look of surprise and delight on your audience members’ faces will be priceless.

    When you rent a rotating platform from Frischkorn AV, you know you’re getting high quality equipment; we’ve built our reputation on it.  But you’re also getting best-in-the-business customer care.  Our friendly and highly trained technicians will make sure you get the right size turntable, plan delivery and set up to your specifications.  We will also make sure you know how to use it safely and answer any questions you may have.  Call Frischkorn AV now for a free quote!